In April 2011 my husband Greg was involved in a car accident and suffered a severe brain injury. His progress has been amazing and whilst we will never have the old Greg back, we are thankful that apart from some long term issues he really has recovered well.

I have been involved in the travel industry for over 18 years and together with Greg, have travelled and cruised extensively. The accident changed our whole perspective on a lot of things, and this change lead to the establishment of AccessAbility Cruising.

Greg and I both believe that people of all abilities should have access to explore and enjoy the world, and cruising is one of the very best accessible holidays that you can possibly have.

Helping You To See The World

  • For people with a disability, travel especially cruising can still be one of life’s greatest experiences. If in the past you have not holidayed because it has all been too hard to organise, now you can leave it all up to us at AccessAbility Cruising. You, your family and friends will be well looked after, everything will be organised for you right down to the very last detail which means that everyone can look forward to a wonderful holiday be it in Australia or overseas


  • Cruising is an amazing way to see the world and spacious accessible cabins and wide open plan decks and facilities are ideal for everyone – wheelchair users, slow walkers, the hearing impaired and sight impaired and people with cognitive disabilities. Unpack once and do a lot or, do nothing it’s entirely up to you.


  • We have some great contacts here in Australia and New Zealand so whether it is for a short 2 day cruise or a cruise around the world we can provide accessible accommodation, car hire, train travel, equipment hire and flights.


What You Can Do On The Website?

  • We will also keep you up to date with the latest accessibility news and of course cruise and travel.


  • There will be links to other businesses and people involved in making the world a more accessible place.


  • You will be able to access great videos and photos so you can discover destinations or experiences to put on your bucket list.


So it doesn’t matter where you wish to go for your next holiday, we sincerely hope that you will let AccessAbility Cruising help you to create your own memorable travel experiences.

You can contact us anytime by phone or email – the details are below and on the front page of the website.








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